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GB-966814-A: Perfluorocarbon polymer coating compositions patent, GB-967404-A: patent, GB-967838-A: Lubricating oil having antiwear additives patent, GB-968044-A: Improvements in or relating to passenger-carrying vehicles patent, GB-968317-A: Improvements in and relating to vehicle wheels patent, GB-968584-A: Improvements in or relating to industrial trucks patent, GB-968615-A: Improvements in plant for the oiling of wool, cloth or the like patent, GB-968618-A: Method for the introduction of a tube into the ground patent, GB-968840-A: Improvements in and relating to colagen fibre materials patent, GB-968859-A: Movable forging tongs patent, GB-969613-A: Improvements in air filters patent, GB-969876-A: Improvements in control torque and motion device through a wall patent, GB-970232-A: Improvements in and relating to hollow cylindrical susceptors of graphite,carbon or an electrical semi-conductor patent, GB-970296-A: Level indicating and/or regulating device for use in melt spinning heads patent, GB-971039-A: Two-piece hinge plates for folding closure structures patent, GB-971197-A: Bathroom and like cabinets patent, GB-971288-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of magnesium patent, GB-972882-A: Galvanic primary cell patent, GB-974448-A: Recovery of chromium values patent, GB-974865-A: Electric switching arrangement for the impulse-wise adjustment of apparatus in the control and regulation technology in one out of n possible positions patent, GB-974898-A: Improvements in and relating to polymers patent, GB-976620-A: Improvements in or relating to multiplying arrangements for digital computing and like purposes patent, GB-976944-A: Improvements in or relating to electric incandescent lamps patent, GB-977314-A: Improvements in or relating to a ring arrangement for spinning machines patent, GB-977550-A: Carpets patent, GB-977604-A: Take-off and landing strip especially for aircraft which take off and land vertically patent, GB-978177-A: A fluorescent lamp holder patent, GB-978961-A: Divers' garments made from cellular elastic rubber patent, GB-979423-A: Multiple turret lathe patent, GB-980181-A: Improved hinge and fastening means patent, GB-980471-A: Improvements in printing presses patent, GB-980879-A: Electrophotographic materials patent, GB-981095-A: Improvements in or relating to self-checking supervision circuits patent, GB-981889-A: Hard foamed plastics surfacing element patent, GB-983160-A: Installation with an extensible supporting pole patent, GB-983167-A: Rotary piston internal combustion engine with fuel injection patent, GB-983238-A: Process for hardening epoxide resins patent, GB-983803-A: Improvements in or relating to uranium alloys patent, GB-984496-A: Circuit arrangement for stabilizing the beam current of an image-orthicon pickup tube patent, GB-984617-A: Transductor controlled impedance relay with elliptical characteristic patent, GB-984821-A: Multi-feed knitting machine patent, GB-985113-A: Method of applying a coating of fluorocarbon resin material to an article patent, GB-985158-A: Electrolyte for electro-chemical removal of materials patent, GB-985664-A: Improvements in or relating to d.c. dynamo electric machines patent, GB-985958-A: Refrigeration apparatus patent, GB-986228-A: Apparatus for recording the distribution of the values of a parameter of a series ofinput signals patent, GB-987326-A: Production of saturated cyclic dicarboxylic anhydrides patent, GB-988577-A: Method and apparatus for the separation of samples of solid particles into sized fractions patent, GB-990235-A: Improvements in and relating to the production of articles having plastic memory patent, GB-990403-A: Process of treating red slurries patent, GB-990837-A: Roof support assembly patent, GB-991285-A: Improved apparatus for atomizing and spraying fusible materials patent, GB-992506-A: Improvements relating to laminates patent, GB-994111-A: Apparatus for delivering a liquid into a receptacle patent, GB-994418-A: Improvements in centrally controlled traffic signal arrangements patent, GB-994527-A: Improvements relating to testing apparatus for electrical insulation patent, GB-994975-A: Angle indicator patent, GB-995023-A: Apparatus for testing dynamic balancing machines patent, GB-995642-A: patent, GB-995779-A: Tufting needle patent, GB-996264-A: Metal bisdithiocarbamate complexes patent, GB-996406-A: Audience survey interrogating system for a plurality of television receivers patent, GB-998085-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of hollow containers of thermoplasticsynthetic materials patent, GB-999240-A: Improved magnetic recording media patent, GB-999474-A: Improvements in or relating to seating and the like patent, GB-999595-A: Improvements in or relating to oximes and the manufacture thereof patent, GB-999604-A: Improvements in or relating to dies or moulds patent, GB-999657-A: Improvements in or relating to pressure-tight electrical apparatus housings having aconstruction resistant to internal explosions patent, JP-2000000033-A: 園芸栽培用ハウス patent, JP-2000001314-A: Formation of thin titanium dioxide film on resin substrate patent, JP-2000002670-A: チタン合金製品のエッチング検査方法ならびにエッチング検査用試験片 patent, JP-2000002722-A: Small current meter patent, JP-2000002797-A: 充填材装入装置 patent, JP-2000003349-A: 処理順序決定装置およびその方法 patent, JP-2000003604-A: Lamp for vehicle patent, JP-2000005215-A: Humidifying device for dry eye glasses patent, JP-2000005827-A: 増厚絞り加工用金型 patent, JP-2000005924-A: Face milling cutter patent, JP-2000006157-A: Stamper replacement device for disc molding die patent, JP-2000006545-A: Bookbinding automating system patent, JP-2000006696-A: Rear seat back device of vehicle patent, JP-2000006773-A: 洗車装置 patent, JP-2000006959-A: フィルムロールおよびフィルムロールの製造方法 patent, JP-2000007191-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-2000008120-A: 台車式加熱炉のシール装置 patent, JP-2000009379-A: 冷蔵庫扉の収納装置 patent, JP-2000009542-A: Thermal displacement element and radiation detector using the same patent, JP-2000010161-A: Film unit with lens and winding operation mechanism for photographic film patent, JP-2000011237-A: 紙幣入出金機 patent, JP-2000011820-A: ガス開閉器 patent, JP-2000012650-A: 基体の移載装置 patent, JP-2000013129-A: Primary radiator patent, JP-2000013879-A: スピーカキャビネットのスピーカ取り付け金具 patent, JP-2000014168-A: Power supply unit patent, JP-2000014985-A: Drum type washing machine with auxiliary water tank and washing method using the same patent, JP-2000015151-A: 噴霧用竿 patent, JP-2000016117-A: Follow-up running device patent, JP-2000016995-A: 4級アンモニウムテトラフルオロボレートの製造方法 patent, JP-2000017296-A: Liquid detergent composition patent, JP-2000017712-A: 水洗式便器 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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